Brandywine Valley Going Above and Beyond


I am sending this note to tell you that last night I again had a really wonderful service experience with your Brandywine Valley team.  I came home after 7 PM to find my air conditioning not working.  Since I had a maintenance visit set for July 16, I sent Justin Boomer an email asking if he might move that up much earlier in view of my problem.  Given the hour, I never for a moment expected a response from Justin that same evening.  But to my very happy surprise, Justin called me around 8 pm to let me know that he had seen my email and had responded by email.  In other words, he was so service oriented that he not only answered me by email late in the evening, he also called to make doubly sure I knew that you folks would help me.  That is extraordinary.

As things developed, by the time Justin called, my wife had suggested I call your office to see if there was anybody on-call.  I had reached a very efficient woman taking your office calls who said she would forward my information to your on-call technician, John, who would call me back.  As luck would have it, John called while I was talking to Justin.  Justin and John then coordinated and John was good enough to come to my home at almost 9:30 pm.  In the meantime, Justin keep tabs on things by email, promising help as soon as he could arrange it if John could not fix things. 

Despite the late hour and all the work which John had faced that busy evening, John was pleasant, upbeat, and thorough.  He assessed our situation and was able to get us up and going again.  While John was efficient with his time, he never acted the least bit rushed or put-out that he was working so late.  To the contrary, he made us feel that he really cared about our problem and would do his best to help. 

This is not the first time I have written to you to say how pleased we have been with your team.  Maybe you could do without my reports.  But I feel compelled to recognize great service when I get it.  Way back when I first met you and you were helping us select our system, you told me that you folks strive to be service oriented and to do right by your customers.  Thankfully, my system has generally worked well and I have not had to lean on Brandywine for help that often.  But any time I have needed assistance, your team has much more than lived up to your word.  They are always great.  Last night, Justin and John were particularly great and I so appreciate that.  It’s not so much that my problem got fixed quickly (although that was really wonderful), it’s that those guys showed they cared and gave it their all.  Thank you.

I have copied Justin on this so that he knows of our appreciation. Perhaps someone can let John know as well.

– J.M from Media