4 Signs Your Furnace Needs a Tune-Up

1. The Heater Won’t Heat!

This might seem obvious, but inadequate heat output is a common sign that your system could use maintenance, or even replacement. Faulty thermostats and leaks in the ductwork could be the cause. Having a routine maintenance agreement can help resolve small issues before they turn into larger problems.

2. Unusual Noises from the Furnace

Certain loud noises can be indicative of internal issues with your furnace. All furnaces make noise, but consistent squeaking or banging noises might require repairs to be resolved. Describe the issues to your technician, and they will be able to troubleshoot.

3. The Unit Has Trouble Starting

If it takes multiple attempts or restarts to get your furnace up and running efficiently, it might be time to schedule a repair. This could be due to disconnected wires or a faulty thermostat. A simple part replacement might do the trick.

4. Strong Odors from the Furnace

A fuel smell that persists around your unit could mean it is time for a tune up. Every furnace will smell like the fuel it uses, but a smell that is potent or lingering can be an issue. Let our technicians assess the situation to determine the cause.