Think Your HVAC Unit is the One Who Knocks?

If your HVAC unit is knocking, chances are it’s not about to win an Emmy. A rattling, thumping, or banging sound could indicate a few potential problems with your unit.

The first culprit could be the fan blades. Open the AC cabinet to inspect the fan blades for any visible debris. Always be sure that power to the unit is disconnected before attempting to remove any debris. The source of the issue may also be a loose screw or a bent fan blade. For these issues, it’s best to contact a service professional. (Hey, that’s us!)

The underlying cause of a rattling or banging sound could also be an out of balance blower assembly or motor. A loose component, indicated by a rattling sound, requires an urgent repair before it results in a complete disconnect. If you are hearing a harsher banging sound, shut off the unit and contact a service professional, as this suggest a broken or disconnected component.

Believe it or not, winter is coming. If you hear these troubling sounds from your unit during the winter, check the outdoor fan blades on your heat pump for ice buildup.

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