Personal Letter from D.M. of West Chester

At Brandywine Valley, we not only strive to exceed the expectations of our customers’, but we also try to be sensitive to their specific needs.  This is a personal letter to the president that describes what “Comfort with Care” means to us.
D.M., we hope your father’s new system will help him stay comfortable as he fights this vicious battle.
Letter to Bill Ronayne:
Hi Bill – hope you are having a good summer.  Just wanted to drop a note to say thanks for the great work installing the new boiler and A/C at my parents place.  I had been checking on the work and was able to keep tabs on everything going on.  This was mainly due to the unfortunate and unexpected development that my dad recently became very ill with stage 4 lung cancer – which is the crux of my message here.  
Your guys were very understanding of his situation and were able to keep noise and disruptions to a minimum while he was home and resting – even lending a hand to my mom to help get him in the car for one of his treatments.  When I recommended you guys to my parents for your professionalism, I wasn’t expecting it to extend to helping with the life changing moments our family is going through.
Thanks again, and I hope to catch up under better circumstances.

D.M. of West Chester