Daylight Savings Time Means Change Your Smoke Detector Batteries!

The good Daylight Savings Time is almost here!

Unlike the springtime when most of the nation, who is already sleep deprived, loses an house of sleep, winter is a happy time where we can finally sleep an extra hour going into Sunday. Suddenly waking up earlier to make a nice breakfast or to hit the gym before work seems a bit less painful.

Aside from the perks of gaining an extra hour of sleep, there is a crucial task that most people forget to do… change the smoke detector batteries!!!!

The National Fire Prevention Association recommends replacing the batteries in your smoke detector every twice a year and, Daylight Savings Time is an ideal occasion.

Be sure to help parents, children living on their own, or neighbors change the batteries in their smoke detectors as well. Then you may sleep well knowing you and your loved ones are safe in the event of a fire.